15 July 2019

"Main Attraction" by Jeremy Renner (2019)

That's right, this song is by none other than Jeremy Renner, aka Hawkeye, who up until Endgame was the most-boring Avenger.  In other words despite being one of the hottest actors in Hollywood, Renner's true passion is actually making music.

The news isn't that a popular actor has also decided to try to become a successful musician, as this definitely isn't the first time such has occurred.  Rather it's because I checked the song out, and Main Attraction is actually pretty-good.

Of course that term "pretty-good" is relative.  Some listeners may get turned off my Renner's heavily-autotuned voice.  But I think he gave it a heartfelt effort, and I personally like the sound.  I've been (sparsely) listening to old rock tunes as of late and can appreciate the fact that one of Jeremy's musical inspirations is the classic British band Queen.

Renner actually dropped this song in collaboration with Jeep, the American automobile company.  In other words it is part of an overall ad campaign Jeep is conducting this summer.  And two other songs have been released (Nomad and Sign) as part of this effort.  And if full-length videos for those come out also, I'd definitely give them a view.

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