07 September 2019

"Summer Girl" by Haim (2019)

This is a song I came across a short time ago and realized additional research was required.  The reason being that honestly, I thought that it may be an ode to Lucifer.

The cover art to Summer Girl by Haim

Haim is a girl group from Los Angeles, California.  The band consists of three sisters - Este, Danielle and Alana.  Este Haim, being the oldest, is currently 33 years.  Alana Haim, the youngest, is 27.  The middle sister and most popular member of the group, Danielle Haim, is 30.

The Haim sisters which, according to their heights, would be from left to right Alana, Danielle and Este.
Since I'm approaching this article referring to religious matters, it is perhaps noteworthy to mention that the Haim sisters were brought up Jewish.  However as of now they "are not particularly religious".  


This origin of this song dates back to 2017 when Danielle Haim's boyfriend, Ariel Rechtshaid (who is also one of the producers of Summer Girl), was diagnosed with cancer.  Danielle's touring lifestyle did not allow her to be with him 24/7.

But whens she was around or communicating with Ariel, her goal was to be "this light that shined on him when he was feeling dark".  In other words she made a conscientious effort to help Rechtshaid overcome his depression.  Or looking at it poetically, she wanted to brighten up his day, like the summer sun.  And this song is based on that sentiment.  So basically, most of the lyrics point to the idea of the singer being dedicated to making her man happy, i.e. his "summer girl".

And at times, especially during the first verse and chorus, it does seem as if she is singing about a particular, earthly individual.  However I want to focus more on the second verse and outro, where she starts referencing otherworldly beings and claims that one of them is her selfsame boyfriend.

In the second verse, again in regards to her lover, Danielle states that he has "lightning" in his eyes and has "fallen from the sky".  To those who are familiar with Biblical quotes, that statement can perhaps be interpreted as a reference to Lucifer.  This is based on a symbolism Jesus said in the Book of Luke concerning this character:
"I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven."
So we have commonalities between Jesus's quote about Satan and Summer Girl based on mutual references to an individual falling from the sky and being associated with lightning.

Then in the outro, the song also mentions "angels coming down".  And those familiar with Biblical lore would know that Lucifer was an angel who had "fallen" - or come down - "from heaven".  So that's another lyrical incident arguably supporting the idea of Danielle Haim identifying Satan as her boo.

But at the same time, on a Biblical level the lyrics could possibly be flipped to insinuate that she is instead talking about Jesus, since he also used the metaphor of lightning to describe his own actions.  Indeed there are a number of similarities between Biblical terminology used to describe Jesus and Satan.  So the next logical step was to resort to the music video and look for imagery supporting either one of those theories.

The video itself features the ladies stripping down from winter clothes into bikini tops.  And whereas something like this may have been risque 30 years ago, honestly it's a bit mild by today's standards.  But overall, I didn't catch anything that appeared to be an overt religious or even political reference outside of a sign of support for the LGBT community.

And considering that the homosexual and Luciferian agendas are intertwined, her stance on the issue, in combination with the lyrical content of the song, can be loosely interpreted as Haim indeed singing to Lucifer.

But this is a circumstantial conclusion.  So I decided to dig deeper into the issue using Google.  And what came up was an article based on symbolism used in the video for a song Haim dropped (as a feature of Calvis Harris) back in 2015 entitled Pray to God, which is about the singer recovering from a broken heart.

And as the artticle suggests, there is plenty of imagery potentially related to this post in that video.  For instance at one particular juncture Danielle appears dressed in all-black, resembling a witch.  Also the title itself is quite-striking.  But at the end of the day Haim doesn't appear to really be doing anything out of the ordinary in the music industry these days.


That is to say that there are countless rumors of popular musicians being affiliated with Luciferian cults these days.  And many of their songs, despite these individuals not being anymore religious than the next man, have a number of religious references.  And once again, these artists are known more for being worshipers of Satan than the opposite.  So conclusively, if it were later proven that this song is such an ode, I personally wouldn't be surprised.  But that being said, I also wouldn't particularly mind listening to more Haim tracks.

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