10 May 2024

KDP Store (Online Black-Owned Business)

KDP Store is an online shop hosted by Etsy, a reliable internet-based shopping platform.  Ken Divine, the proprietor of KDP Store, is someone I've literally known my entire life.  So once I saw that his new business was going strong and getting rave reviews, I offered to advertise some of his goods on Black Arts Review


Ken Divine is a longtime resident of New York City, and the majority of items in his shop are of a Black, Latino or American theme.  For example, here's the RGB (Red, Black & Green) Africa Reversible Bucket Hat.  It comes with matching socks, belt and necklace, the latter of which is available in two varieties.

Then we have the Puerto Rican version...

... as well as its Dominican...

...and American counterparts.

My personal favorite, which Ken just got into stock earlier this week, is the Ghana Flag Designed Bucket Hat.

In fact, I've been noticing that bucket hats are becoming increasingly popular here in GH.  It now appears that they may even be as ubiquitous as baseball caps.  So I'm hoping to get my hands on a few of these bad boys myself.

KDP Store has socks and different types of hats fashioned after the flags of a variety of countries.  At the moment, most of those countries are found in the Caribbean, as there are many people from the islands living in NYC.


I also wanted to highlight a couple of the clothing items big bro is selling, starting with the Religious Theme Shirts, which are inscribed with biblical passages, references or inspirations:

Currently, there are only different four types in stock, but I'm hoping that he gets more soon.


Another item I singled out to display are the Animal Print Pullover Hoodies with Ears,,,

...which are really cute, especially for females or children.

Presently, they come with a free downloadable photonovel which, besides clothing, is the second classification of items KDP Store specializes in.  I'm not going to delve into the photonovels at the moment, but Black Arts Review will be taking an in depth look at one of them in the near future.


When I told Ken I intended to feature some of his products on this blog, he created a special discount code visitors could use to get 15% off.  That's extra cool, considering that the items are already moderately priced.  For instance, none of those highlighted above are over $20 (excluding shipping).

The coupon code made available to readers of Black Arts Review is MALSALE150.  That will get you 15% off most of the items in KDP Store.  However, it does not work on products that are already on sale, clearance or thrift at over 15% of their original price.


Ken has enlightened me to the fact that besides the US, he already has customers from "all over Europe, Canada and Australia".  To my knowledge, buttressed by Etsy, he's able to ship products to just about any part of the world.  For instance, I told him that lately Black Arts Review has been getting quite a few views from Singapore, China and Hong Kong, so maybe someone from those localities will be interested in making a purchase.  And he was like, 'no problem'.

I also informed him I wanted a few items sent to Ghana.  He told me doing so would be 'riskier' and obviously costlier but not impossible.


I advise interested readers to visit KDP Store, as the items featured on this post are just a scant preview of all that's available.  For instance, there's also women's wear and posters with original NYC-based photography in stock.  And if you do decide to make a purchase, don't forget to use the coupon code "MALSALE150" where applicable.